golang check if in array check if element exists in array golang

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func stringInSlice(a string, list []string) bool {
for _, b := range list {
if b == a {
return true
return false
}Mostafa has already pointed out that such a method is trivial to write, and mkb gave you a hint to use the binary search from the sort package. But if you are going to do a lot of such contains checks, you might also consider using a map instead.

It’s trivial to check if a specific map key exists by using the value, ok := yourmap[key] idiom. Since you aren’t interested in the value, you might also create a map[string]struct{} for example. Using an empty struct{} here has the advantage that it doesn’t require any additional space and Go’s internal map type is optimized for that kind of values. Therefore, map[string] struct{} is a popular choice for sets in the Go world.

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