how to delete whole flatlist in one go and whole firestore collection

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deleting whole flatlist in one go using firestore 

filter data=(_item)=>{
this.setState({users: this.state.users.filter(item => item. Key=== _item)});
console.log(this.state.favorites) }
call this function in button deleteall code given below
{ async function massDeleteUsers() {
// Get all users
const usersQuerySnapshot = await firestore().collection(‘user’).get(
// Create a new batch instance
const batch = firestore().batch();
usersQuerySnapshot.forEach(documentSnapshot => {
batch.delete(documentSnapshot.ref); });
return batch.commit();}
massDeleteUsers().then(() =>{
console.log(‘All users deleted in a single batch operation.’)}) }}>
so this will delete whole flatlist in on go and delete whole firestore collection

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