install beats on rasberry

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install git
$ sudo apt-get install git -y

clone the repo easyBEATS
$ git clone

Now make the install script executable so you can run it.
$ sudo chmod 755 easyBEATS

Configure the script
$ vi easyBEATS
$ nano easyBEATS

Run the script
$ ./easyBEATS

After the script is finished, configure each of the Beats shippers. Configuration files are found in /etc/$BEAT_NAME
#filebeat example
$ sudo vi /etc/filebeatfilebeat.yml

Some of the Beats have modules. Enable these by renaming them.
$ mv /etc/filebeat/modules.d/system.yml.disabled /etc/filebeat/modules.d/system.yml

The script has already prepared the system to launch the service at boot / re-boot. You just need to start the service after you configure
#filebeat example
$ sudo systemctl start filebeat.service

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