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npm install pm2 -g# Monitoring CPU/Memory
pm2 monit
pm2 monitor
Make pm2 auto-boot at server restart:
pm2 startup
# Go To Server Directory Where you have store Express Files
pm2 start app.js -o “/dev/null” -e “/dev/null”
# Freeze your process list across server restart
3.pm2 save
# Auto restart apps on file change
4. pm2 start app.js –watch
# Remove init script via:
$ pm2 unstartup systemd$ npm install [email protected] -g
# or
$ yarn global add pm2
import pm2 from ‘pm2’
import os from ‘os’

pm2.connect((err: Error) => {
if (!err) {
name: ‘express-rest-api’,
script: ‘dist/main.js’,
watch: false,
env: { NODE_ENV: ‘production’, NODE_OPTIONS: ‘–max_old_space_size=32768’ },
exec_mode: ‘cluster’,
instances: os.cpus().length,
max_memory_restart: ‘512M’,
kill_timeout: 6000
(err: Error, _proc: pm2.Proc) => {
if (err) {
pm2.restart(‘express-rest-api’, (err: Error, _proc: pm2.Proc) => {
if (!err) return pm2.disconnect()
})// To start npm with pm2 for nextjs just type
pm2 start npm –name “APP_NAME” — start$ npm install [email protected] -g

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