integrationtest typescript integrationtest typescript

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it(`GIVEN vehicle id=”${}”, WHEN getDamageState() is executed THEN the Promise will be resolved with false.`, async () => {
            const result = DamageService.getDamageState(;
            await expect(result);
it(`GIVEN an id = “${id}”, WHEN getDetailedVehicle() is executed, THEN the Promise will be resolved with ${expectedVehicleDto}.`, async () => {
            (VehicleRepository.findOne as SinonStub).withArgs(id).resolves(vehicleEntity);
            (ClassTransformer.plainToClass as SinonStub).withArgs(VehicleDto, vehicleEntity).returns(vehicleDto);
            (DamageService.getDamageState as SinonStub).withArgs(;
            const result = VehicleService.getDetailedVehicle(id);
            await expect(result);

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