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export const jwtTransform = (whiteListPath: string[]): Handler => {
return async function (req: Request, res: Response, next: NextFunction): Promise {
try {
if (!whiteListPath.includes(req.path.toLocaleLowerCase().replace(‘/api/v1/’, ”))) {
let headers: IncomingHttpHeaders = req.headers
if (!Object.keys(headers).includes(‘authorization’)) throw apiResponse(status.UNAUTHORIZED, ‘Authorization is required’)

const authorization: boolean | undefined = (headers.authorization as string).includes(‘Bearer’)
if (!authorization) throw apiResponse(status.UNAUTHORIZED, ‘Bearer is required’)

const accessToken: string = (headers.authorization as string).split(‘Bearer ‘)[1]
if (assert.isUndefined(accessToken as any)) throw apiResponse(status.UNAUTHORIZED, ‘Access Token is required’)

const validJwt: string[] = (accessToken as string).split(‘.’)
if (validJwt?.length !== 3) throw apiResponse(status.UNAUTHORIZED, ‘Access Token format is not valid’)

// overwrite authorization headers
req.headers.authorization = `Bearer ${await decrypt(accessToken, 20)}`
} catch (e: any) {
return res.status(e.stat_code || status.UNAUTHORIZED).json(e)

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