multer s3 file upload

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import ‘dotenv/config.js’
import { MulterModule, FileFieldsInterceptor, FilesInterceptor, FileInterceptor } from ‘@nestjs/platform-express’
import { mimeTypeSupport } from ‘@helpers/helper.mimeType’
import aws from ‘aws-sdk’
import { Request } from ‘express’
import multer from ‘multer’
import multerS3 from ‘multer-s3’
import fs from ‘fs’

accessKeyId: process.env.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
secretAccessKey: process.env.AWS_ACCESS_KEY

export class Multer {
private static acl: String = ‘ACL’

static awsStorage: multer.StorageEngine = multerS3({
s3: new aws.S3({
credentials: new aws.Credentials({
accessKeyId: process.env.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
secretAccessKey: process.env.AWS_ACCESS_KEY
hostPrefixEnabled: true,
computeChecksums: true,
correctClockSkew: true
bucket: process.env.AWS_BUCKET_NAME,
contentType: multerS3.AUTO_CONTENT_TYPE,
serverSideEncryption: ‘AES256’,
[Multer.acl as any]: ‘public-read’,
metadata(_req: Request, file: Express.Multer.File, done: any) {
if (!file) done(new Error(‘Get file upload failed’), null)
done(null, file)
key(_req: Request, file: Express.Multer.File, done: any) {
done(null, `${}.${file.originalname.split(‘.’)[1]}`)

static fileFilter(_req: Request, file: Express.Multer.File, done: any) {
if (!mimeTypeSupport(file.mimetype)) throw new TypeError(‘mimetype not supported’)
if (file.size >= 5242880) throw new TypeError(‘maximum file or image size must be 5 MB or under 5 MB’)

const fileName: string = `${}.${file.originalname.split(‘.’)[1]}`
done(null, fileName)

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