typescript singleton singleton design pattern typescript

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class MyClass
private static _instance: MyClass;

private constructor()

public static get Instance()
// Do you need arguments? Make it a regular static method instead.
return this._instance || (this._instance = new this());

const myClassInstance = MyClass.Instance;class Person {
private static instance: Person

private constructor() {}

public static getInstance(): Person {
if (!Person.instance) {
Person.instance = new Person()
return Person.instance

public name(name: string): string {
return name

public age(age: number): number {
return age

public hobby(hobby: string): string {
return hobby

const res: Person = Person.getInstance()

console.log(`My name is ${res.name(‘john doe’)} and My age is ${res.age(30)} and My hobby is ${res.hobby(‘programming’)}`)

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