excel vba chrw max value

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Option Explicit

‘Pulled from https://www.di-mgt.com.au/howto-convert-vba-unicode-to-utf8.html
”’ Maps a character string to a UTF-16 (wide character) string
Private Declare PtrSafe Function MultiByteToWideChar Lib “kernel32″ ( _
ByVal CodePage As Long, _
ByVal dwFlags As Long, _
ByVal lpMultiByteStr As LongPtr, _
ByVal cchMultiByte As Long, _
ByVal lpWideCharStr As LongPtr, _
ByVal cchWideChar As Long _
) As Long

‘ CodePage constant for UTF-8
Private Const CP_UTF8 = 65001

”’ Return length of byte array or zero if uninitialized
Private Function BytesLength(abBytes() As Byte) As Long
‘ Trap error if array is uninitialized
On Error Resume Next
BytesLength = UBound(abBytes) – LBound(abBytes) + 1
End Function

”’ Return VBA “Unicode” string from byte array encoded in UTF-8
Public Function Utf8BytesToString(abUtf8Array() As Byte) As String
Dim nBytes As Long
Dim nChars As Long
Dim strOut As String
Utf8BytesToString = “”
‘ Catch uninitialized input array
nBytes = BytesLength(abUtf8Array)
If nBytes <= 0 Then Exit Function ' Get number of characters in output string nChars = MultiByteToWideChar(CP_UTF8, 0&, VarPtr(abUtf8Array(0)), nBytes, 0&, 0&) ' Dimension output buffer to receive string strOut = String(nChars, 0) nChars = MultiByteToWideChar(CP_UTF8, 0&, VarPtr(abUtf8Array(0)), nBytes, StrPtr(strOut), nChars) Utf8BytesToString = Left$(strOut, nChars) End Function 'Grabbed from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28798759/how-convert-hex-string-into-byte-array-in-vb6 Private Function HexToBytes(ByVal HexString As String) As Byte() 'Quick and dirty hex String to Byte array. Accepts: ' ' "HH HH HH" ' "HHHHHH" ' "H HH H" ' "HH,HH, HH" and so on. Dim Bytes() As Byte Dim HexPos As Integer Dim HexDigit As Integer Dim BytePos As Integer Dim Digits As Integer ReDim Bytes(Len(HexString) \ 2) 'Initial estimate. For HexPos = 1 To Len(HexString) HexDigit = InStr("0123456789ABCDEF", _ UCase$(Mid$(HexString, HexPos, 1))) - 1 If HexDigit >= 0 Then
If BytePos > UBound(Bytes) Then
‘Add some room, we’ll add room for 4 more to decrease
‘how often we end up doing this expensive step:
ReDim Preserve Bytes(UBound(Bytes) + 4)
End If
Bytes(BytePos) = Bytes(BytePos) * &H10 + HexDigit
Digits = Digits + 1
End If
If Digits = 2 Or HexDigit < 0 Then If Digits > 0 Then BytePos = BytePos + 1
Digits = 0
End If
If Digits = 0 Then BytePos = BytePos – 1
If BytePos < 0 Then Bytes = "" 'Empty. Else ReDim Preserve Bytes(BytePos) End If HexToBytes = Bytes End Function

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