putting marquee in vb.net

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‘Class-level variables.
Private m_intMarqueeCounter As Integer = 1
Private m_bolMarqueeIncrementUp As Boolean = True

Private Sub YourMarqueeTimer_Tick()

‘You can decide what number is best for your app.
If m_intMarqueeCounter = 10 Then

m_bolMarqueeIncrementUp = False

End If

If m_intMarqueeCounter = 0 Then

m_bolMarqueeIncrementUp = True

End If

Dim intX As Integer
For intX = 0 to m_intMarqueeCounter

frmYourForm.Text = ” ” & “Your Title”


If m_bolMarqueeIncrementUp Then

m_intMarqueeCounter += 1


m_intMarqueeCounter -= 1

End If

End Sub

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