refresh token em vb net

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Private Function DoAuthentication(ByRef rStrToken As String, ByRef rParameters As OAuth2Parameters) As Boolean
Dim credential As UserCredential
Dim Secrets = New ClientSecrets() With {
.ClientId = m_strClientID,
.ClientSecret = m_strClientSecret

credential = GoogleWebAuthorizationBroker.AuthorizeAsync(Secrets, m_Scopes,
“user”, CancellationToken.None,
New FileDataStore(“PublicTalkSoftware.Calendar.Application”)).Result()

‘ Create the calendar service using an initializer instance
Dim initializer As New BaseClientService.Initializer() With {
.HttpClientInitializer = credential,
.ApplicationName = “~~~~~~~~~~”
m_Service = New CalendarService(initializer)

rStrToken = credential.Token.AccessToken.ToString()
rParameters.AccessToken = credential.Token.AccessToken
rParameters.RefreshToken = credential.Token.RefreshToken
Catch ex As Exception
‘ We encountered some kind of problem, perhaps they have not yet authenticated?
Return False
End Try

Return True
End Function

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