sort dictionary by key vba

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Public Function funcSortKeysByLengthDesc(dctList As Object) As Object
Dim arrTemp() As String
Dim curKey As Variant
Dim itX As Integer
Dim itY As Integer

‘Only sort if more than one item in the dict
If dctList.Count > 1 Then

‘Populate the array
ReDim arrTemp(dctList.Count – 1)
itX = 0
For Each curKey In dctList
arrTemp(itX) = curKey
itX = itX + 1

‘Do the sort in the array
For itX = 0 To (dctList.Count – 2)
For itY = (itX + 1) To (dctList.Count – 1)
If Len(arrTemp(itX)) < Len(arrTemp(itY)) Then curKey = arrTemp(itY) arrTemp(itY) = arrTemp(itX) arrTemp(itX) = curKey End If Next Next 'Create the new dictionary Set funcSortKeysByLengthDesc = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") For itX = 0 To (dctList.Count - 1) funcSortKeysByLengthDesc.Add arrTemp(itX), dctList(arrTemp(itX)) Next Else Set funcSortKeysByLengthDesc = dctList End If End Function

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