vba create folder and subfolders vba create folder and subfolders

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‘requires reference to Microsoft Scripting Runtime
Sub MakeFolder()

Dim strComp As String, strPart As String, strPath As String

strComp = Range(“A1”) ‘ assumes company name in A1
strPart = CleanName(Range(“C1”)) ‘ assumes part in C1
strPath = “C:\Images\”

If Not FolderExists(strPath & strComp) Then
‘company doesn’t exist, so create full path
FolderCreate strPath & strComp & “\” & strPart
‘company does exist, but does part folder
If Not FolderExists(strPath & strComp & “\” & strPart) Then
FolderCreate strPath & strComp & “\” & strPart
End If
End If

End Sub

Function FolderCreate(ByVal path As String) As Boolean

FolderCreate = True
Dim fso As New FileSystemObject

If Functions.FolderExists(path) Then
Exit Function
On Error GoTo DeadInTheWater
fso.CreateFolder path ‘ could there be any error with this, like if the path is really screwed up?
Exit Function
End If

MsgBox “A folder could not be created for the following path: ” & path & “. Check the path name and try again.”
FolderCreate = False
Exit Function

End Function

Function FolderExists(ByVal path As String) As Boolean

FolderExists = False
Dim fso As New FileSystemObject

If fso.FolderExists(path) Then FolderExists = True

End Function

Function CleanName(strName as String) as String
‘will clean part # name so it can be made into valid folder name
‘may need to add more lines to get rid of other characters

CleanName = Replace(strName, “/”,””)
CleanName = Replace(CleanName, “*”,””)

End FunctionIf Dir(YourPath, vbDirectory) = “” Then
Shell (“cmd /c mkdir “”” & YourPath & “”””)
End If

‘@waternova I got around this by using WScript object:
Set wsh = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wsh.Run “cmd /c mkdir “”” & YourPath & “”””, 0, True
‘This will wait until the cmd is finished –

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