vba remove line breaks vba remove last vbcrlf

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‘ Removes line breaks and spaces at the end of text
Function RemoveLastLineBreaks(ByRef pText As String) As String
Dim textLng As Long
RemoveLastLineBreaks = pText
textLng = Len(RemoveLastLineBreaks)
While (textLng > 0 And (Mid(RemoveLastLineBreaks, textLng) = vbCr _
Or Mid(RemoveLastLineBreaks, textLng) = vbLf) _
Or Mid(RemoveLastLineBreaks, textLng) = ” “)
RemoveLastLineBreaks = Mid(RemoveLastLineBreaks, 1, textLng – 1)
textLng = Len(RemoveLastLineBreaks)
End Function’ Removes the Line Break from the string if my string Ends with Line Break
Sub RemoveLineBreak(myString)
If Len(myString) > 0 Then
If Right$(myString, 2) = vbCrLf Or Right$(myString, 2) = vbNewLine Then
myString = Left$(myString, Len(myString) – 2)
End If
End If
End Sub

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